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June 9, 2021

Lets assess the situation

Let's assess the situation.

You found your vacant lot (if not let me know what you want and I will find it for you!) Start by considering the property you are going to build on. What is the topography like?....flat, sloping, on the edge of a drop off? Is it on a county road or is it a private road? Is it served by a sewer system or are you located in an area where a private individual wastewater system will need to be installed? Are you in a subdivision with private covenants and design requirements? Is there a design review process? What's the zoning? Agriculture? Residential?

Start a resource prospect list. Where will you get your materials? There are several main material houses here: The Home Depot and Honsador in Lihue, Aloha Roofing Supply in Kapaa and HPM Building Supply in Lawai Valley along with a couple of other specialty suppliers for stone, tile and other specialties. Should you depend on island sources or can you consider off island, Honolulu or mainland sources? Just bear in mind that container you just got delivered to your job site? What happens if they got the order wrong?

What skills will you be looking to employ? Finding an architect or draftsperson is always a good point of beginning. They often can make referrals to some of the others you will need such as surveyors, septic designers, contractors specialty trades people. Ask friends and neighbors on island for referrals. Ask lots of questions and if possible go drive by projects they have built and speak to past clients if at all possible.

When you decide you want to build a new home, it is real clear, you are going to need a lot of help in many areas. There are some very critical players in that process. People you will be working closely with for many months depending on how elaborate your project is. It will be important for you to find those resources on island and try to realistically assess how will it be when working with these professionals. Get to know them and determine how they manage conversations where opinions differ. The builder your choose might be the lowest bid but will they fight you along the way with decisions about your home? Work habits such as punctuality and dependability will be forefront every day your work goes on. Choosing a professional that is not aligned with the way you like to do business can be a long drawn out and very frustrating process. Seek them out , get to know them and choose wisely!  


While I have your attention: Click here to receive regular updates in a market report for any neighborhood or condo project you are interested in watching. Both on and off market data is avialable to those who create an account


June 8, 2021

Roberta Builds a House



As a Kauai real estate practitioner, I sincerely try to provide relevant information that will be useful to anyone interested in Kauai Real Estate related topics. There is lots of generic information everywhere on line in the real estate space so I choose to focus my content specifically on Kauai and provide insight that may not be readily found elsewhere.

The single-most requested real estate related topic is about building a custom home. On a tiny island in the middle of the sea, Kauai has its own brand of issues. First of all, the odds of finding an existing home with very specific features in this very small market can be a bit difficult. In the process, the conversation often involves exploring the option of a vacant land purchase and a build.

Ok....just closed on the land purchase, now what?

As it turns out that is exactly what I am about to embark upon so perhaps it might be helpful if I chronicle the journey! Stay tuned as I go down that path. Now that I am committed to the task, I am very excited to get started. It's exciting, creative, challenging, and in the end, very rewarding. So, come along with me as I build my last forever home on Kauai!

May 17, 2021

Facelifts for many Poipu Condo Communities

While many investment vacation condos in Poipu were almost entirely vacant during our 2020, many communities took the opportunity to complete needed improvements and repairs. IN any popular vacation destination is is very difficult to put major capital improvement projects on the calendar. No one likes to decline bookings but with the Covid restrictions, they took the opportunity to get things done!

On my morning walk through the heart of Poipu this morning I noticed Nihi Kai is in the midst of their roof replacement and exterior painting. How great it will be to have all those faded terra cotta colored roof tops changed out to a much softer finish that blends to much better with the landscaped vistas!  I love the organic roof tones and also the eclectic painting of the buildings in a variety of soft earthy tones. Looking good so far! Search active Nihi Kai Villas Listings


Just around the corner at Kahala, the lanai railing project is well under way as well. What a great improvement to see the new look for all the lanais, lovely iron railings and a much more open and breezy feel without the two feet of solid skirting. Search Active Kahala Listings

Before:                                                                                          After:


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Oct. 20, 2020

Kauai Real Estate Market in a Pandemic

Greetings to you all and hope this finds you safe and healthy!


As we all settle into our own brand of "normal", I started fielding a lot of calls asking about our Kauai Real Estate Market in the midst of Covid-19. Right after the pandemic announcement 8 months ago, we experienced a bit of a stutter-step as we all took a pause to figure it all out. The real estate industry had to develop new procedures and the means to conduct business safely and in many cases long distance with many Buyers.  It really did not take too long before we saw sales activity begin to pick up.

One of the unforeseen impacts on our market was an unusual spike in the demand for single family homes, specifically those that offer space for extended family and home offices. What we learned is that those who worked in urban centers no longer had to live within a comfortable commute distance to the office. Corporate America  truly embraced the work-at-home model and found no measurable loss in productivity as we all shifted to this reality. It has proven to be so efficient  that we will not likely revert back completely, once the pandemic threat is behind us.


We seem to be in the middle of a world wide "urban exodus" and many are landing on certain locations that provide a much higher quality of life. The State of Hawaii is on the top of that list!


Active listing inventory is shrinking and prices continue to rise. The dollar volume, year to date is on par with the previous year but it represents over 100 units less than the year before!

If you are a property owner on Kauai and think this might be the right time to sell, it may be a good idea to have that conversation out loud. Contact me at any time to receive a detailed market report on your property. 


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July 31, 2017

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