As a Kauai real estate practitioner, I sincerely try to provide relevant information that will be useful to anyone interested in Kauai Real Estate related topics. There is lots of generic information everywhere on line in the real estate space so I choose to focus my content specifically on Kauai and provide insight that may not be readily found elsewhere.

The single-most requested real estate related topic is about building a custom home. On a tiny island in the middle of the sea, Kauai has its own brand of issues. First of all, the odds of finding an existing home with very specific features in this very small market can be a bit difficult. In the process, the conversation often involves exploring the option of a vacant land purchase and a build.

Ok....just closed on the land purchase, now what?

As it turns out that is exactly what I am about to embark upon so perhaps it might be helpful if I chronicle the journey! Stay tuned as I go down that path. Now that I am committed to the task, I am very excited to get started. It's exciting, creative, challenging, and in the end, very rewarding. So, come along with me as I build my last forever home on Kauai!